More Effective CPAP Therapy

If you have ever thought “there must be a better way,” then you’ll be happy to know that CPAP TotalCare has re-invented CPAP Therapy with one goal in mind... a better CPAP experience for you. Where most CPAP providers see their job as just ‘selling equipment,’ we know that our job is to provide more effective therapy

  • Interactive Checkups To Track Your Therapy History and Device Data
  • Equipment Notifications & Maintenance Reminders
  • Video Reference Library & Searchable FAQ Tuned Specifically for Your Equipment
  • Optional VIP Therapy Program (One-on-One Professional Support and Service!)
  • Optional VIP CPAP Loaner & Repair Program (Next Day Loaner To Keep You On Therapy If Your Machine Goes Down)
  • Optional Interface Support Program (Trade Your Mask For A Different Mask Any Time You Want!)

CPAP TotalCare

An Innovative Combination of High-Tech and One-on-One Services to Enable the Highest Standard of Care for CPAP Therapy Patients

Interactive Checkups To Track Your Therapy History and Device Data

Make sure your therapy is always on track with quick and simple interactive therapy check-ups. On a quarterly basis, our software will send you a notification with a link to a simple set of questions that will help you track the effectiveness of your therapy and help identify any possible issues that may get in the way of your therapy.

Your CPAP stores a lot of important data about your therapy, but most CPAP users never see any of the information that their CPAP stores. Our software also allows you to store and analyze critical data from your CPAP to reveal important trends, changes, and potential problems with your therapy, mask, or CPAP settings.

Equipment Notifications and Reminders

After you create your FREE CPAP TotalCare account, tell us what equipment you have and we will remember it for you in your profile.

We have a direct connection to all major manufacturers, which means we are informed about all product recalls, available upgrades and other product-specific information. When new information becomes available about your equipment, we will make sure that you are among the first to receive it.

Also, receive periodic reminders via email and/or text message when it is time for scheduled equipment maintenance and/or supply replacement. Well maintained equipment is critical to ongoing effective therapy.

We make managing your equipment easy, simple, and convenient.

Video Reference Library & Searchable FAQ Tuned Specifically for Your Equipment

Let's face it. Successful CPAP therapy requires you to have a certain amount of basic knowledge as well as the ability to get your therapy-related questions answered. Just knowing the basics like how to fit and adjust your mask and proper CPAP machine use and care can make a big difference in your comfort level and the effectiveness of your therapy.

Access on-demand CPAP use and care videos selected for you based on your equipment profile.

If you run into obstacles or issues that cause discomfort or other problems, chances are you are not alone. Get quick answers to your questions through our comprehensive CPAP frequently asked questions database. If you don't find an answer to your question, submit it, and our network of CPAP therapy experts will provide an answer.

Optional VIP Therapy Program (One-on-One Professional Support and Service!)

The CPAP TotalCare VIP program is a comprehensive "concierge" approach to CPAP therapy that includes one-on-one support and service from a team of professionals. We use the most advanced eHealth technology, and follow specific therapy protocols, to ensure that you have everything you need to have the best possible experience with your CPAP therapy.

  • One-on-one support and coaching, in-clinic and remote
  • 5-year warranty on new equipment
  • CPAP failure protection within warranty for any manufacturer including next day loaner & service management
  • Annual CPAP calibration & adjustment
  • Ongoing therapy data monitoring and support or adjustments as needed
  • Quarterly supply package to keep your supplies fresh and equipment operating at peak performance
  • $200 CPAP trade-in on new machine

Interface Support Program

Among CPAP users, the most common complaints often relate to the interface (mask). It can be hard to find just the right mask and you need to replace your mask at least once per year, if not more frequently. We believe that you should never have to continue using a mask that you are not happy with and that you should never have to worry about ordering a replacement mask.

Our Interface Support Program is an add-on to our VIP therapy program and allows you to...

  • Trade your mask for a different mask any time you want
  • Receive a complete new mask with headgear every 3, 6 or 12 months (your choice of frequency)
  • Get a free replacement mask if any part of your current mask breaks, regardless of manufacturers warranty
  • Receive professional, hands-on fitting, adjustment and consultation

And we work with supplies and equipment from all major manufacturers.

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