CPAP Therapy Assessment

How effective is your CPAP therapy?  Complete this interactive therapy assessment and get your CPAP Health Score to find out right now!  

This assessment is a series of questions; it is not a quiz. There are no wrong answers. Simply answer as best you can to ensure that you receive an accurate CPAP health score.

The assessment will help you determine how your therapy is going and whether you have opportunities to improve your results.  It only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete.

PLUS, you will also receive a complimentary 6-pack of RemZzzs mask liners for completing your assessment.

There are many benefits to taking this assessment. You will receive:

  • A CPAP therapy assessment score based on your responses.
  • A report that summarizes your responses and any issues you are having and provides an action plan with programs, tools and resources to manage those issues
  • The ability to print, save and/or share your report
  • A complimentary RemZzzs mask liners trial pack

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How many nights per week do you use your machine, on average?