Free CPAP Therapy Software - Now Open For Public Beta

This free web-based software makes living with your CPAP easier.

Track your therapy, manage your equipment maintenance schedule, ask questions and get answers from qualified CPAP Therapists, find and view relevant videos, store documents and share them in a secure environment, and so much more!

CPAP TotalCare allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the data that is coming from your CPAP, as well as other health devices, with your very own personalized Therapy Dashboard. Look deeper into the health data you are creating and invite your clinicians to view your information to help maximize your therapy. With your personalized Therapy Dashboard you will be able to set goals and see how you are progressing over time.

With CPAP TotalCare you receive:

  • Interactive Checkups To Track Your Therapy History and Device Data
  • Equipment Notifications & Maintenance Reminders
  • Video Reference Library & Searchable FAQ Tuned Specifically for Your Equipment
  • Track Your Therapy and Health Data From All Major CPAPs
  • Store and Share Your Health Documents in a Secure Environment
  • Easy Self-service Supply Ordering Including FREE Shipping On All Orders
  • Personal Help With Insurance Claims

In Progress - Track Your Health Data From Multiple ‘Health Peripheral’ Devices Including, FitBit™, Jawbone™, Withings™, MapMyFitness™, and Over 100 Others.

Planned - Import the data you have stored in your SleepyHead desktop app for a deeper understanding of what it really means.

We need your input! Create your free account now and help us shape CPAP TotalCare into the best CPAP Therapy application on the planet.

At CPAP TotalCare, we are on a quest to build the worlds most effective CPAP Therapy management software for Therapy Providers, their patients, and referring physicians.

We are intensely focused on providing CPAP Providers with the tools and technology they need in order to get the best possible results for their patients. We're addressing the fundamental problems and inefficiencies related to managing CPAP Therapy.

The CPAP TotalCare therapy program provides the highest standard of care while reducing overhead.

We are making best practices scalable and profitable through...

  • Standardized equipment, patient management protocols and business processes.
  • Systemic tracking and testing to increase efficiency, improve outcomes, and improve profit.
  • Low-cost interactive follow-up – with email, text messaging, web & mobile technologies, automated voice messaging systems, and even postal mail.
  • Self-service, self-pay equipment and supply ordering with support for filing health insurance claims.
  • Efficient patient management technology – our systems automate many tasks and greatly streamline the others.
  • Digital integration along the continuum of care -- which improves the overall patient experience, reduces data-entry time significantly, and provides ready-access to patient information and data
  • Therapy and health metrics tracking including support for all major CPAP devices and health peripherals including Withings, FitBit, and Jawbone devices.
  • And finally, hands-on patient care through our network of clinical associates and partners – which means patients have face-to-face help when they need it.

We are in our beta testing phase and invite you create a free demo account and join us as part of the beta team.